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Bradley's Curtains & Blinds

11th Sep 2018

The latest in outdoor sun protection has arrived, just in time for summer!! Verosol Australia has developed a neat and strong solution, Comes with side tracks or wire guides Only motorised and up to 6.5m wide

Bradley's Curtains & Blinds

31st Aug 2018

Just a little note that we have been notified of a power outage on Monday 3rd September. We are hopeful that our solar panels will keep us going, but it will be a test!! The showroom will be closed but you will see the vans on the road!

Bradley's Curtains & Blinds

19th Jul 2018

Sorry to our Customers who have tried to contact us over the last 2 weeks, Between Telstra and NBN co, we have lost all internet and phone services. we are now up to 16 phone calls and 7 technicians and it doesn't look like we are any closer to getting it resolved. so frustrating, if I get told to reset to modem on more time I will pull my hair out!! I can think of nothing better than sitting on the phone to these companies for up to 4 hours at a time. Once again please understand it maybe hard to get through to us for the moment.

Bradley's Curtains & Blinds

8th Jun 2018

Check out our new display featuring amazing new collection from Emma J Shipley with Clarke and Clarke Velvet 😍

Bradley's Curtains & Blinds

29th May 2018

Important Notice; After our showroom being open 6 days a week for the last 45 years (only closing for Christmas holidays) we are changing to appointment only. We have done this in order to maintain a level of customer service that we expect of ourselves and that our clients expect of us. We offer a diverse range of quality products and have staff trained in specialty areas and would like to have the appropriate team member on hand to help with your project. To book a appointment, please visit We are still the same people selling the same quality products and offering the same back up service all at the same competitive prices - just with more time to spend on your furnishing products. our team is still on the road offering in-home consultations phone 54272361 to make a time. Its a different way to run our business and we're sure we will have some hiccups along the way. Please give it a shot and work with us during this change.